Unraveling the Mystery of Digital Transformation

Posted by David Carrico on November 2017

Digital transformation. It’s a buzzword we often hear, and yet to many companies, the concept remains something of a mystery. There is often a lack of clarity over what this kind of transformation translates to in real terms, and this can cause companies a great deal of anxiety and frustration.

According to a recent study, industries are on average less than 40% digitized, with relatively few organizations having reached the levels of flexibility, process automation, streamlined technology, and data analysis exemplified by a fully digitized company. But here’s the problem: commercial pressures arising from digitization are continuing to rise. Companies that do nothing to improve their digital capabilities can now expect to see a 6% reduction in revenue.

Proof that companies are still struggling to adapt comes in a 2017 report from MIT Sloan, which revealed that only 25% of companies would rate themselves as ‘digitally mature’. This would indicate that the majority of companies are at risk of revenue loss, so digital transformation is becoming a more and more critical part of remaining competitive.

What exactly is ‘digital maturity’?

Digital maturity can be difficult to define, but fundamentally, it is about how well your organization is positioned to make use of, and adapt within, an evolving environment of digital enablers, in order to drive long-term value for the organization.

How do you digitally transform a company?

‘Digital Transformation’ means a lot of different things to different people. Depending on to whom you speak, the use of the term can encompass a multitude of fields, from tactical to strategic.

On the tactical side, it can be used to describe the need to put a specific technology or set of capabilities in place. While such activity may be useful in the short term, it doesn’t necessarily take into consideration how well the organization is positioned to put different capabilities in place in response to future demands and changes. In short, it doesn’t do you much good for your long-term success, and is not a full digital transformation.

On the other end of the spectrum is the strategic way of thinking about digital transformation, and the type we specifically focus on. This is a more holistic approach, as it aims to increase your organization’s level of digital maturity through a transformational effort that goes beyond a single implementation. This helps prepare your organization to excel within tomorrow’s marketplace.

How to increase your digital maturity

True digitization is much more than just introducing technology. At Aspirant, we measure digital maturity across seven different dimensions:

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A Connection of Hope: Aspirant Announces Campaign to Help Prevent Domestic Abuse

Posted by John Conroy on November 2017

The desperate reality of domestic abuse

The yelling is starting again. That same fear is bubbling up inside. You don’t know what to do. You’re in your own home; the place where you’re supposed to be protected from the world, yet you constantly feel trapped inside it. A feeling of terror and helplessness goes through your body. What do you do now?

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, every year more than 10 million women and men experience domestic violence in the United States. Victims of domestic violence often find that the person who is supposed to care for them the most is often the one causing them the most mental and physical pain. Sadly, they often don’t know to whom to turn for help.

Aspirant announces expanded domestic abuse campaign

On November 6, Aspirant announced an expanded campaign to directly impact the domestic abuse problem. As part of the announcement, Aspirant President Mike McClaine stated, “Our company has historically been passionate about the prevention of domestic abuse. As we work to grow our business impact, we are also determined to expand our social impact as well. That led to us concentrating our efforts on the prevention of domestic abuse".

Aspirant kicked off its upweighted campaign with a meeting on November 13 at its headquarters in Nova Place to introduce our strategy to key Pittsburgh business and community leaders. Our goal is to ensure that our program has the greatest impact possible, so we asked these leaders to help shape our strategy and provide input on a series of related events and opportunities to support this critical cause. In addition to having leaders from major businesses around the city, we were proud to have leaders from the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S), and the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania at the initial meeting.

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The Human Cost of Change

Posted by Sonal Kumar on October 2017

Your people are your greatest asset.

While the prospect of change can seem daunting, in business it is unavoidable. Systems need updating, strategies need adaptation and processes need improvement. However, the greatest challenge leaders face when dealing with change is the management of the people they employ.

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The M&A Leaky Bucket: Why Integration Value Doesn’t Live Up to Promises

Posted by Mike McClaine on August 2017

Merger & Acquisition: Promises vs. Reality

Imagine this scenario:

The Visionary Products’ shareholder meeting ends with the unanimous approval of the NimbleBrands acquisition. 

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Digital Discovery: Accelerating Time to Value with Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Bob Sidick on August 2017

Looking at ourselves to provide value to clients

Management consultants are, fundamentally, in the advice business. We analyze a client’s business, industry, and markets and suggest plans for improvement. What rarely happens is a management consulting firm doing this same analysis of themselves and then implementing the suggested plan as if they were a client. At Aspirant, we are walking the talk and a big part of that includes using technology to improve our internal processes, learning from this experience and improving our capabilities, and then using this tech to truly make a difference for our clients and their business.

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